Conducting Parenting Capacity Assessments

by Alexander (Alex) T. Polgar, M.S.W., Ph.D., R.S.W.

Conducting Parenting Capacity Assessments

Dr. Alexander T. Polgar created this remarkably comprehensive, user-friendly manual includes, in a single source, a clearly articulated rationale for a systematic methodology with which to conduct Parenting Capacity Assessments.

Mental health professionals new to this area of practice regardless of jurisdiction will be able with the use of this manual, to conduct assessments of a quality that usually comes with practice wisdom derived from years of experience. Seasoned practitioners again, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they work, will welcome the benefits of this initiative to achieve standardization that is rationally based and empirically supported by a wealth of previously unsynthesized research.

Child welfare professionals, legal counsel, and judges will find this manual to be an indispensable reference with which to inform and structure their effort to advance what is in the best interest of a child at risk.

This manual includes two separate but related sections.

The first section constitutes an elaborated comprehensive rationale for the methodology. All that is prescribed is presented as a logical argument clearly supported by several premises.

The second section constitutes an actual application of the methodology. The prescribed report format includes an atypical level of elaboration, recognizing the reality that the primary audience is a judge and not a Mental Health professional.