Our Vision

Sandriam Publications

Publishing books from a different perspective: knowledge with which to advocate for your child’s best future.

We primarily feature the writings of Dr. Alexander T. Polgar Ph.D.

Our vision is a world population mostly comprised of individuals whose innate developmental potential has been optimally activated. As such, most live a principled life, and take full responsibility for the activation of the innate developmental potential and of all those on the journey.

Our mission is to eradicate obstacles to activating innate developmental potential first by promoting enlightened ideas and second by disseminating evidence based methods for creating environments conducive to the activation of potential.

We are dedicated to playing a significant role in changing the miserable course humanity has been on by publishing solution and prevention focused materials.

We neither seek nor expect consensus. We intend, however, to generate thought, discussion and most importantly action.


Adults, parents in particular are challenged by two broad categories of questions.

Some are persuaded by the status quo position that a better future for our children is comprised by a myriad of mental health and addiction services.

Others are persuaded by the enlightened position that a better future for our children is one in which their innate developmental potential is in a constant state of activation the consequence of which is that they will not be in need of mental health and addiction services.

The Conundrum

Choosing prevention for your children makes you both rational and enlightened. It is the good choice to make.

However, having made the choice, while necessary is insufficient for preventing/avoiding future problems. The next requirement is knowing how to actually do preventive tasks as a concerned thoughtful parent.

Sandriam Publications will guide and inform your actions for preventing your children and grand children from needing the services of psychiatrists, addiction counselors, psychologists, social workers or some other related professional.

As an enlightened and thoughtful adult/parent you already will know that preventing the need for such services does not mean that your children’s lives will be “trouble” free. It will not be trouble free. However, the preventive measures in all the Sandriam Publications will produce adaptive functional coping and life management strategies.

Prevention in Action

Preventing later life negative consequences from occurring starts in the family, during the formative years. Sandriam Publications in all the books explains how and what actions are required. Prevention continues and enhances your efforts during the elementary and secondary school years.

Obstacles to Prevention

Misery in various forms, from which you want to save your children and grand children has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. It has been a constant because a very small percentage, the one percent, of any given area, greatly benefits monetarily from the misery. Deliberately and/or inadvertently the one percent ensures the perpetuation of its establishment status quo. Because of their doing there has never been any “good old days”. Because of their doing conditions are deteriorating at an exponential rate. Addiction and overdose deaths are rampant globally and psychopharmacological drugs are being prescribed at an equally alarming rate for even the slightest and most transitory of discomforts.

The one percent establishment has never tolerated any threat to its exceptionally lucrative status quo. The singularly best example is the Greek philosopher Socrates. He had the big idea of activating the innate developmental potential of young people. This threatened the establishment elders of Athens and they offered him death or exile. Socrates chose death by hemlock probably not wanting to endure the preventable misery he sought to prevent. Hemlock is no longer offered but the one percent’s obstruction of innate developmental potential rages on creating the ill informed need for services the enlightened want to prevent their children from ever needing.

The Way out of Pervasive Human Misery

The way out is through a revamped, retooled, reconfigured and refocused elementary and secondary educational curriculum.

The truth of this assertion is in how and the extent to which the conservative establishment status quo protectors attack education. Recently books are being burned and banned. While a little late George Orwell’s 1984 has finally arrived and its arrival is a loud call for action. The timing could not be better.

Our knowledge and know how has been exponentially growing. We now have the best language and experience based empirically validated methods to create and sustain environmental conditions conducive to the optimal activation of our children’s developmental potential.

Persistent activation gradually will culminate in our children and grandchildren never needing “treatment” services for; addiction, behavioral mental and emotional issues. In short the “afflictions” that have plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

It is a heartening fact that because of focused effort there are children who are growing up in the here and now not needing treatment services of any kind.

The Plan

Acting on your good intention to prevent your children from ever needing any or all kinds of mental health intervention is your goal, what some people call vision. It will be achieved by accomplishing several doable, but sometimes challenging objectives:

(A) Educate yourself by reading the Sandriam publications: Because We Can and the four book series on addiction

(B) Form an alliance with like minded adults/parents and create a strategic plan. Sandriam personnel can be of assistance with this objective.

(C) Implement your collective advocacy plan to enlighten the elementary and secondary educational experiences of your children.

The difference this time in history is the extraordinary way you, now the truly enlightened parent is informed. You will no longer be a bystander. Knowing what is involved in preventing misery in your children’s adult life is the antidote to any misgivings and/or confusion about what to do.

Knowing also is a great motivator and incremental successes produced can and will sustain your resolve.

The goal is to optimally activate the innate development potential with which your child, indeed every child, is born.

Action Required

All journeys, big or small, long or short, challenging or easy begin with a first step. The first step also represents your commitment to journey on.

The first step is purchase:

(A) Because We Can We Must
(B) The four book series on addiction

The books are not cheap they are priced to be affordable.

Place your order now

Your are not buying books

You are investing in the future of your children, indeed all children.

Also, be forewarned that while the five books will put you on solid knowledge ground, your curiosity likely will be set ablaze to read the references sited.

Once you complete the first step, have some “financial skin in the venture” the next step is to plan/schedule time to read the books starting with Because We Can. And read them like the student you must be before you can start to align with others and collectively advocate for your children’s future well being.

Where did I go wrong?

These are the five words you never ever want to be saying when it comes to how your children turned out. To avoid this from ever happening you need to know that there is a vast body of knowledge, the one percent do not want you to know about, concerning conditions which are conducive to the optimal activation of the array of innate developmental potential with which all children are borne. While families and immediate communities play a critical role in creating environments conducive to the development of children, what they start must be continued by the public school system at which your child attends. The place children spend the majority of their time.

To avoid ever having to say the five dreaded words, you must become an extremely informed advocate for an educational system that is enlightened, rather than obstructing the development of children’s potential. A developmentally stuck, stagnated populace only benefits the very few.

As an informed advocate you will be standing on the shoulders of much greatness that has come before. Your advocacy will be grounded in the accumulative wisdom of many sited in the five Sandriam Publications. There has never been a better time than now to break the chains that constrain us – that keeps us developmentally stuck to be in marked disharmony with ourselves, with others and with our environment.

The look of success

Many become who they are as adults through an “organic” process. That means much is left to chance, including the degree to which innate developmental potential is activated. More often than not the results are not favourable. Certainly not what a parent would wish for. No parent would wish their child to become an adult in need of: addiction and/or mental health treatment, couples counselling, family therapy, divorce lawyers etc.

The alternative to organic activation of innate developmental potential is a vision of the future and the methods by which to achieve it. Knowing what success looks like make the pursuit of it very doable.

Success looks like a child who grows to be a responsible, independent adult, able to think critically and use emotional intelligence to manage any and all of life’s challenges. Success looks like a child who grows to have meaning and purpose to what they do, is in a highly functional relationship and parents your grandchildren with empathic nurture. Success looks like a child who grows to live principled life that is continuously perpetuated from one generation to the next.

Success for you, the enlightened parent, will be having meaningful influence on the curriculum in the school system at which your child attends. Success always breeds success and gradual success is always accumulative and culminates in sustainable and continuous progress.

And to think all this started with your intent to prevent your child becoming an adult in need of addiction, mental health and social services.